Innovation for all

Discover a smarter way to get to where you’re going, an easier way to move through your day and have complete control of your journey. With FordPass and FordPass Connect you can do all of this from your palm of your hands.

Download the FordPass app for free today and enjoy maintaining your vehicle and your journeys in the most convenient way ever. Here’s just some of the things you can control with FordPass:

Find and book places to park

Book your Service appointment

View your vehicle’s Service history

Access information about your vehicle

Find your nearest petrol station

Receive alerts about your vehicle

Download the FordPass app

All the tools you need to manage your vehicle from the palm of your hand

Keep all your Ford’s important information in one place. With FordPass you can access and manage information related to your Ford vehicle: from your vehicle's service history, to your car finance through Ford Credit. The FordPass app is also a very handy tool kit that allows you to find and book parking, find petrol station close to you and receive alerts about your vehicle.


Move Smarter

Ford owners with SYNC Connect-enabled vehicles can monitor and control their vehicle in incredibly powerful ways.

> Start & stop
> Lock and unlock from anywhere
> Schedule a start
> Check fuel & fluid levels


Intelligent Ownership

When you add your vehicle to the app, you can access its information and service history right from your phone. Get vehicle health alerts and service reminders when your vehicle needs attention. Plus, with a SYNC Connect-equipped vehicle, you can also track fuel levels so you’ll know when it’s time to fill up.


End the search

Say goodbye to circling, with FordPass you can search for parking, view parking prices before you even leave the house and save your favourite spots for future use. Spend less time going round in circles.


Keep on going

Find fuel so you can keep your journey going. Filter by fuel type or brand. And quickly compare pricing.*

*Where available. Some restrictions apply.

FordPass™ App Functionality Overview

Each landing screen within the FordPass app offers several functionalities and capabilities. The following list contains an overview of what each landing screen has to offer: 

The Move tab includes:

  • Add/Remove Vehicle(s)
  • Set Preferred Dealer
  • Vehicle Health Alerts
  • Maintenance Schedule (Service)
  • Vehicle Controls (if applicable)
  • Vehicle SmartCard
  • Hourly Van Hire

The Find tab includes great features such as: 

  • Destinations
  • Dealer
  • Fuel - This feature is not available in the UK, Netherlands, and Belgium.
  • Parking

This feature includes: 

  • Chat with a Guide
  • Call a Guide
  • Email a Guide
  • Roadside Assistance

This feature includes: 

  • Log Out
  • Edit Profile
  • Add/Change your Profile Photo
  • Update your Account information
  • Change Username
  • Message Center (Messages and Alerts)
  • Perks
  • FordPay
  • Ford Credit
  • Reservations
  • Settings
  • Change Password
  • Security (Update PIN)
  • SmartLink (Connected Vehicle Experience)
  • Terms and Conditions ECA(Electronic Consent Agreement)
  • Units of Measure

Watch the video on how to get started with FordPass™ and FordPass Connect

After downloading the FordPass app:

* VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)

See how FordPass™ helps you move

FordPass makes your journey easier by turning the things you do every day into more worthwhile experiences. Each landing screen within the FordPass app offers.

Add VIN guide

Watch the video to find out how to add the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) within your FordPss app.

Find Parking

Say goodbye to circling, with FordPass you can search for parking, view parking prices before you even leave the house and save your favourite spots for future use.

Live Traffic Updates

Always arrive on time. Get to your destination faster with real-time Live Traffic updates.